Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Remembering Mabel Karr

Mabel Karr was born Mabel Campolongo Jaime on October 7, 1934 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After working as a model and actress in her native country, she began working as an actress in Argentina television and film acting inTodo el año es Navidad” and “Dos tipos con suerte”, both in 1960. In 1958 she flew to Spain and appeared in the movie “Las chicas de la Cruz Roja” directed by Rafael J. Salvia, along with the other popular three female leads: Conchita Velasco, Luz Marquez, Katia Loritz.
Given the huge success of the film, Mabe decided to move to Spain and that same year appeared in José María Forqué’s “Un hecho violento”, which she followed up with a film of significant impact at the box office at the time: the romantic comedy “El día de los enamorados”, with Concha Velasco, and the same cast of girls of “Un hecho violento”, except Luz Marquez , who was replaced by María Mahor.
In 1960 she married Spanish actor Fernando Rey [1917-1994] in Mexico City, and during the 1960s she obtained a steady career in the Spanish films, tackling the most diverse genres. She combined her film career with forays into the theater (“Un paraguas bajo la lluvia”, “Un espíritu burlón”) and televisión (‘Novela’).
Mabel was seen only in flashbacks as Mrs. Brown in her only Euro-western “Cut-Throats Nine” (1970.
In 1975 Mabel decided to depart from acting only to return in 1996 after the death of her husband.
Karr died from an infection on May 1, 201 in Madrid, Spain.
Today we remember Mabel Karr on what would have been her 80th birthday.

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