Tuesday, October 7, 2014

RIP Rick Boyd

Italian character actor, stuntman Federico Boido known to moviegoers as Rick Boyd has died. I received word from Marco Giusti today that Rick died, he was 74. Boyd was born on January 8, 1940 in Novi Ligure, Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy. Along with Lucio Rossi he was one of the best known Italian villains of the Spaghetti western genre. Both Rossi and Boyd usually played psychos and crazy henchmen to the lead villain. Boyd’s biggest roll was as outlaw Roger Pratt the lead villain in And for a Roof a Sky Full of Stars (1968) starring Giuliano Gemma and Mario Adorf. Other well know roles were Six-Finger Sykes in “The Bang Bang Kid” (1967), the Sheriff of Purgatory City in “Face to Face” (1967), Fred Calhoun in “Payment in Blood” (1967), Hal Brady in “The Ruthless Four” (1967), Bill Cochran “Sartana the Gravedigger” (1969), Slim Douglas “Ballad of Death Valley” (1970), Duke Slocum “Guns for Dollars” (1971), Blondie “Jesse and Lester in a Place Called Trinity” (1972), Slim “Shanghai Joe” (1973). His dying scenes were always a highlight of any film he was in.


  1. And he will be missed by the fans of this genre around the World...RIP, Federico!
    He worked also in the italian Sadistik/Satanik photonovels/fumetti neri, known in some countries as Killing...
    Stephan Segantini, Brazil

  2. Biltmore: He also went by the name 'Rick Bold' in a couple of Mario Salieri XXX's. Federico doesn't participate in the sex-scenes, but is present as in a nightclub that features sex-scenes. He kinda looks a little stoned. Adios, Rick.

  3. A warm greeting, and be at peace. Willy Colombini

  4. I had the opprtunity to work with him and knew Federico made many movies. A good guy, a good person and simpatico, as often the bad guy in films. I am sorry. another piece of cinema that now no longer exists. - Sergio Martino