Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wc Western Closet

Wc Western Closet – English title
A 2013 Italian [Areté Ensemble, TIEFilm, Zerottanta (Rome)]
Producer: Saba Salvemini, Anna Giulia D'Onghia, Ermes Di Salvia
Director: Luca Franco, Saba Salvemini
Story: Luca Franco
Screenplay: Luca Franco, Saba Salvemini
Cinematography: Marzio Mirabella [color]
Music: Adriano Fontana
Running time: 20 minutes
Massimiliano Caretta – The Villain
Michele Cipriani – The Sheriff
Francesca Montanaro – The Whore
Davide Paganini – The Idiot
Saba Salvemini – The Hero
Annika Strøhm – The Peasant Woman
Alfredo Utech – The Beggar
Enzo Paci - Narrator

Six horrible and desperate individuals, unknown to each other, become united in a common destiny. Two, a sheriff and a whore have been handcuffed by a ruthless bandit and are set to wander the desert in search of help. A cowboy in search of adventure and fame, a young settler’s wife abandoned by her husband. Another young woman armed to the teeth is in search of the cowboy who she has fallen in love with. The six desperate individuals meet in the torrid and arid desert.

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