Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy 70th Birthday Raiki Juri

Yugoslavian actress Raiki Juri was born Rajka Jurcec on October 21, 1944 in Zagreb, Croatia. Juri began he acting career appearing in  Ma chi t'ha dato la patente? (1970) starring Franco & Ciccio. Her brief six year career ended with an appearance as Wanda in “L'unica legge in cui credo” (1976). In all she made only 10 films, one of which was the Euro-western, “Zorro” in 1975 as Senoria de la Serna starring Alain Delon.
Raiki married actor, director, screenwriter Claudio Giorgi and the two appeared in several Fotonovelas under the title Lancio together from 1970-1994. She made one last Fotonovela in 1997 and then retired.
Today we celebrater Raiki Juri’s 70th birthday.

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