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Les aventures galantes de Zorro – French title
Zorro dans ses aventures galantes – French title
De galante avonturen van Zorro – Belgium title
Las aventuras amorosas del Zorro – Argentinian title
De liefdesavonturen van Zorro – Dutch title
Zorro – Spiel mir das Lied der Wollust – German title
Oi sexoualikes peripeteies tou Zorro – Greek title
Zorro, a kéjlovas – Hungarian title
Le galanti avventure di Zorro – Italian title
Les nuits du governeur – Spanish title
Zoro'nun Aşk Geceleri – Turkish title
Red Hot Zorro – English title

A 1972 French, Belgium co-production [Eurocine (Paris), Brux International (Brussels)]
Producers: Marius Lesoeur, Pierre Quérut
Director: William Russell (Gilbert Roussel), Bruno Mattei
Story: “The Curse of Capistrano” by Johnston McCulley
Screenplay: Henri Bral de Boitselier, Pierre Pierre Quérut
Cinematography: Johan J. Vincent [Eastmancolor]
Music: Gilbert Gardet
Running time: 85 minutes

Zorro – Michel Dhermay
Captain Pedro – Roger Darton (Roy Darton)
Angelica – Evelyne Scott (Evelyne Deher)
Cantina singer: Mikela Wood
With: Alice Arno, Arlette Bontemps, Christine Caslonga, Christine Chantrel, Jose De Negri, Fatou, Antoine Fontaine, Evelyne Galou, Valerie Jalain, Ghislaine Kay, Rose Kiekens, Marie-Therese Lecomble, Yeladi Luk, Hélène Machefel, Louise Petit, Sylvie Picot, Madeleine Reverdy, Mark Vanleene, Martine Van Linden, Johnny Wessler

California governor Don Miguel is a tyrant, the elusive Zorro arrives on time to mock the soldiers of Colonel Martinez and to defend the rights of the poor. Mistress Pilar is a friend of Diego, who is a timid aristocrat when he’s not the masked swordsman crossing swords with the henchmen of Don Miguel in wide open alcoves of the territory. The governor, threatens to degrade Martinez and put in his place Captain Gonzolo Frescones who he orders to collect taxes in the night and hires mercenaries to accomplish the task. Zorro becomes a rampant rogue and. during a dance at the governor's mansion, many of the guests come dressed as Zorro. Then in comes the hero himself, flanked by Pilar and Diego. The move could be risky if it does not culminate in finally putting before the king the task of eliminating the corrupt and inept Don Miguel.

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