Monday, December 17, 2012

Who Are Those Gals? - Rossella Bergamonti

Rosella Bergamonti is much like Carla Mancini, both appeared in many films including Euro-westerns but little to nothing is known about them. With Carla Mancini we have been able to find out some information over the years because she has stayed active within the industry and started at a young age. On the other hand Rosella remains a mystery. She was only active in films from her first appearance in 1966’s “00/ciak operazione mondo” to her final recorded appearance in the TV mini-series “Il commissario De Vincenzi” in 1974 for a total of 47 films and TV appearances. We know she acted under several aliases including Patricia Carr and Rosemary Herbert and most of her roles were small character roles. Rossella appeared in 17 Euro-westerns and as you can see below most roles had no character names attached to them and were little more than that of an extra.

BERGAMONTI, Rossella (aka Rosella Bergamonti, Olga Bergamonti, Patricia Carr, Rosemary Herbert) [Italian] - TV actress.
5 Giants from Texas - 1966 (Gonzalez’s sister)
Johnny Colt – 1966
A Woman for Ringo – 1966
The Magnificent Texan – 1967 (dress model) [as Patricia Carr]
Payment in Blood – 1967 (Nora)
Rick & John Conquerors of the West – 1967 (townswoman)
A Stranger in Town – 1967 (villager)
Sugar Colt – 1967 (woman in shooting gallery balcony)
Two R-R-Ringos from Texas – 1967 (Franco’s 1st dance partner)
Ciccio Forgives... I Don’t! - 1968 (Betty Jane)
God Made Them, I Kill Them - 1968 (Dolly)
I Came, I Saw, I Shot – 1968
Sartana – 1968 (stagecoach passenger) [as Patricia Carr]
The Man Who Cried for Revenge – 1968 (whore) [as Patricia Carr]
Dead for a Dollar - 1968
A Gunman Called Dakota - 1971 (saloon girl)

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