Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spaghetti Western Locations

We continue with our hunt for location for “Shalako”. The Countess Itina Lazaar and one of the guides have been surrounded after they left the hunting party to hunt a pack of coyotes drawn to the kill of the mountain lion. The guide has been tortured and left to die perched upon a lance. The countess has run out of cartridges and is at the mercy of four Indians who are attacking her. Suddenly a rider appears and kills one of the attacking Indians. He jumps off his horse next to the countess and kills another of the Indians while the countess, using the man’s six-gun shoots a third attacker. The fourth Indian has had enough and is allowed to escape. The man introduces himself as Shalako and escorts the countess back towards the rest of the hunting party. Suddenly they are surrounded by the rest of the braves. Shalako talks his way out of being killed by telling the chief and his son Chato that he will escort the hunting party off the reservation in the morning.

This area is still in the Grainfield area which is surrounded by low hills.

For a more detailed view of this site and other Spaghetti Western locations please visit my friend Captain Douglas’ excellent website:

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