Saturday, December 15, 2012

Remembering Rubén Rojo

Rubén Rojo Pinto was born on December 15, 1922 in Madrid, Spain. Ruben Rojo was the son of Nicholas Martin and the writer, poet and Spanish feminist Mercedes Pinto. Brother of actor Gustavo Rojo, half-brother of Juan Francisco (who died in Lisbon, Portugal at 15 years of age), and actress Ana Maria Foronda Pituka. He lived with his family in Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Cuba. At 9 years old he made his debut as an actor in the operetta "The Count of Luxembourg" staged by the parent company in Argentina. He studied drama in college in Havana, Cuba and worked in radio as an announcer and master of ceremonies. He debuted as a professional actor in the Cuban film “Y ahora seremos felices” (1938). Rubén moved to Mexico with his mother and his brother Gustavo in 1943, there he met Pituka his sister, Ana Maria who had returned from Spain. His father died in Cuba in the early 1940's. Rojo’s first Mexican film was “Mis hijos” (1943). That same year he made his debut in the Mexican theater in the play "María Magdalena". He appeared in over 7 films including one Euro-western “Duel in the Eclipse” (1968) and 17 soap operas, the first “Cuatro en la trampa” (1961). He married the actress Martha Aura with whom he had a son: Ruben Rojo Aura. His mother died in Mexico City in 1976. Rubén died on March 30, 1993 in Mexico City at 71 years of age. He remains one of the great actors of Mexico’s Golden Age of film. Today we remember Rubén Rojo on what would have been his 90th birthday.

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