Sunday, December 2, 2012


Posate le pistole reverend – Italian title
Déposez les colts – French title
Pizza, Pater und Pistolen – German title
El predicador bandido – Spanish title
En packe dollar – Swedish title
Leave Your Guns at the Door – English title
Pistol Packin’ Preacher – English title

A 1971 Italian production [Agata Film (Rome)]
Producer: Maurizio Pastrovich
Director: Leopoldo Savona
Story: Norbert Blake (Aldo Marcovecchio), Leopoldo Savona
Screenplay: Norbert Blake (Aldo Marcovecchio), Leopoldo Savona
Cinematography: Romano Scavolini [Eastmancolor]
Music: Coriolano Gori
Running time: 85 minutes

Slim – Mark Damon (Alan Herskovitz)
Barney Solvey/Garvey/Goldwater - Richard Melvill (Rosario Borelli)
Geremia/Jeremiah – Pietro Ceccarelli
Lisa – Veronica Korosec
Linda – Floranna di Bernardo
Mary – Giovanna di Bernardo
Sacristan – Ugo Fangareggi
Albert - Amerigo Castrighella
Doctor - Enzo Maggio (Vincente Maggio)
Bandit – Pietro Torrisi
Solvey/Garvey henchman - Alessandro Perrella
With: Carla Mancini, Raimondo Fulli, Francesco Corso

The Neapolitan Jeremiah, a pizza peddler, and Slim, a wanderer with a fertile imagination to steal from the country squire, Goldwater, a treasure which he has obtained through criminal means and has hidden. Sacristan disguised as a priest and who, with the help of Slim, fakes two miracles. Jeremiah tries to induce Goldwater, who is aware of the harm he has done, to confess where the treasure is. The attempt fails so it is up to Slim and Lucy, one of Jeremiah’s two daughters, to achieve their goal. Meanwhile, however, Goldwater is suspicious about the true identity of the strange priest and orders his men to eliminate him. Jeremiah is saved by Slim and  but pretends to be dead and later reappears as the ghost of himself which terrifies Goldwater, causing him to reveal the hiding place of the treasure, which is then found. Jeremiah and the others, however, do not get to enjoy their bounty, but are forced to give to the people of the town.

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