Thursday, December 13, 2012

Remembering Dušan Antonijevic

Dušan Antonijevic was born on December 13, 1912 in Belgrade, Serbia and was the son of actor Jovan Antonijević Djedo [1882-1952]. He followed in his father's footsteps and became and actor both in film and television. His career started in the early 1950s and he was active until the mid-1980s. His wife was actress Dusanka-Duda Antonijevic [1924-1984]. Dušan appeared in two Winnetou films both times as Indians. One as White Buffalo in “The Desperado Trail” and the other as Manki-Moteh in “Flaming Frontier” (both (1965). In all Dušan appeared in four Euro-westerns. After the death of Antonijevic's wife Dusanka in 1984 he retired from the industry and died on July 10, 1986 in Belgrade. Today we remember Dušan Antonijevic on what would have been his 100th birthday.

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