Sunday, December 23, 2012

RIP Franco Ceccarelli

 Franco Ceccarelli, guitarist for Equipe 84 dies in Modena at 70.

Modena, December 21 (AFP) - Franco Ceccarelli, guitarist for the group Equipe 84, died on December 21, 2012 in Modena, Italy at the age of 70, where the artist lived. In 1962 he founded the famous musical group that remained active until 1979. Ceccarelli was not only a songwriter but also a producer and is the father of the well-known actress Sandra Ceccarelli. "The loss is painful for me and for the city that always accompanies the loss of an artist”, said the mayor of Modena Giorgio Pighi, "There will always be his music, which will continue to play until the end of time, and will always bring freshness and joy to his fans all over Italy and abroad, without ever losing the bond with his Modena”. Ceccarelli, along with Maurizio Vandelli [1944- ], Victor Sogliani [1941-1995], and Alfio Cantarella [1941- ] founded Equipe 84 in 1963 and In 1984, along with Victor Sogliani and Alfio Cantarella, the original members of the band, Franco Ceccarelli had renamed the group Equipe, representing the musical history of the group. After the abandonment of Cantarella and the disappearance of Victor in 1995, Ceccarelli with new musicians (Michael Avella, Giuliano De Leonardis, Lorenzo Lanciotti and Tony Mione), kept alive the legend Equipe 84. The original group appeared in the Euro-western “A Fistful of Songs” (1966) singing “OIo ho in mente tu”.

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