Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Book Release

Dreckige Spaghetti: Die glorreiche Geschichte des Italowestern:

From Leone to Tarantino: The Glorious Spaghetti Westerns a widescreen cinema book

"The Surreal, the operatic, the brutal and the male humor, it’s all that fascinates me about spaghetti westerns," says Quentin Tarantino. Hollywood's Pulp Fiction King will soon release "Django Unchained", a star-studded tribute to the legendary film genre of the sixties and seventies. Tarantino and actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz show thus: The fascination for the extravagant staging style by great directors such as Sergio Leone and Sergio Corbucci, the music of Ennio Morricone and cinema icons such as Clint Eastwood and Franco Nero remains unbroken.

"Dirty Spaghetti," a book in large-scale widescreen format, fits the right mood for the new Tarantino work. It scrolls through the glorious history of the spaghetti western, from 1964 to the mid-seventies some 500 films. Here the author Uwe Killing produces neither a lexical processing nor a nostalgic look back to the fore: "The book is anchored in the present. It looks at a genre that pop-culture and the associated myths have strongly influenced. "Killing has worked for magazines like FHM and MAX as editor and now works as a freelance cultural journalist.

"Dirty Spaghetti" is designed as a 256-page reading and music pleasure, in which the angle changes at similar times as the experimental director grandmasters the spaghetti western. Lively told portraits and reports on the emergence of the "spaghetti-style" are punctuated by opulent image sequences. There are the stars of the genre - from Henry Fonda to Claudia Cardinale, Klaus Kinski to Lee Van Cleef - which are staged in a new and surprising way. There is also ample opportunity to discover Lost moments and genuine rarities - such as the young Iris Berben as a fiery rebel or the rogue actor who had to die most often. The themes of women, sex and the free spirit of the sixties are also reflected as the general influence of the Italo-Western aesthetics to the cinema. Quentin Tarantino talks about the myth of Django and his great role models.

"Dirty Spaghetti" is a book in the best sense outside the normal scope. It shows how radical, how bizarre and how innovative the dusty European movies were. For the author and his art director Martin Weiss it was a particular challenge to reflect this aura also in its design. Two attractive extras round off the wide screen experience in the book format: A reprint of the original program booklet for Sergio Leone's classic "For a Few Dollars More" from the year 1965. A poster ("The Flowering of the Spaghetti Western") offers the fan a hitherto unique overview of the most important films, directors and varieties of the genre.

Dreckige Spaghetti: Die glorreiche Geschichte des Italowestern
Author: Uwe Killing
Publisher: Morning Express  
Language: German
Pages: 352
Hardcover in landscape format (30 x 19.7 cm), Illustrated throughout in color.
ISBN 978-3-85445-382-6
Available October 18, 2012


  1. Any idea is the quality of the pictures/posters shown in the book make it a worthy purchase for those of us that are German language challenged?

  2. Hi James! Like you I'm German chanllenges also but I can't find any pictures of the contents of the book on-line. There are two reviews on German Amazon, one a 5/5 and the other 4/5. The cost is around 41 Euros which is about $60.00. You might want to wait a few months and if still interested see if the price drops.

  3. Well, for better or worse, I took a chance. I did some reading on the Amazon site in Germany and one of the reviews said it was primarily a "picture book". Guess we will see....