Thursday, January 26, 2012

RIP Vadim Glowna

Vadim Glowna has died

Vadim Glowna died, according to his agency after a short illness.

The actor Vadim Glowna has died in a Berlin hospital on January 24, 2011 after a short severe illness, he was 70.

Glowna is considered one of the most prominent German character actors who also celebrated successes abroad. He worked with Claude Chabrol, Romy Schneider and Klaus Kinski. Although he has appeared in more than 160 films in a wide repertoire, he is regarded by many as the "Böser vom Dienst". His lived to play the roles of outsiders: Such people embody "a remnant of freedom," he said. Culture Minister Bernd Neumann praised the deceased as a versatile character actor. "The German film and theater world has become poorer by his death as an extraordinary actor."

His film debut was in 1964 in Johannes Schaaf Glowna "Im Schatten der Großstadt" (In the shadow of the big city). It was followed by "Gruppenbild mit Dame" by Heinrich Boll, the author of the film "Germany in Autumn". In 1985 he was the senior teacher in the ARD version of the story "Runaway Horse" by Martin Walser. It was followed by numerous other productions, including "The Untouchables" starring Hannelore Elsner. Internationally, he excelled with movies such as Chabrol's remake of "Quiet Days in Clichy" and Sam Peckinpah's war film "The Iron Cross." His only Euro-western roles was that of Brian Jones in the TV film “The Lost Gold of the Incas” (1977).

Again and again he returned to the theater, most recently to the German Theatre in Berlin. There he starred alongside Angela Winkler in "Mother Courage". Glowna was at one time married to the Russian actress Vera Tschechowa [1940- ] from 1967 until the late 1980s.

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