Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Bruciatelo vivo! – Italian title
Al infierno gringo – Spanish title
Hvid skalpejæger – Danish title
Gringon rautakoura – Finnish title
L’ouest en feu – French title
Fahr zur Hölle, Gringo – German title
Oi aetoi tou kataramenou kampou – Greek title
O Vilão do Arizona- Portuguese title
De Vita Skalpjaegarna – Swedish title
Yagmacilar – Turkish title
Dan zemljovlasnika – Yugoslavian title
Day of the Land Grabbers – English title
Land Raiders – U.S.A. title

A 1969 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Morningside Productions (Hollywood), Ameran Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Roy Rowland, Charles H. Schneer
Director: Nathan Juran (Naftuli Juran)
Story: Jesse Lasky, Jr., Ken Pettus, Pat Silver
Screenplay: Ken Pettus
Cinematography: Wilkie Cooper [Technicolor]
Music: Bruno Nicolai
Running time: 101 minutes

Vince Carden – Telly Savalas (Aristotelis Savalas)
Paul Cardenas – George Maharis (George Maharias)
Martha Carden – Arlene Dahl
Kate Mayfield – Janet Landgard
Luisa Rojas – Jocelyne Lane (Jocelyn Bolton)
Major Tanner – Guy Rolfe (Edwin Rolfe)
Carney – Paul Picerni
Arturo – H.P. Picerni (Paul Picerni)
Sheriff John Mayfield - Phil Brown (Philip Brown)
Señor Cardenas – George Cloulouris
Priest – Fernando Rey (Fernando Arambillet)
Julio Rojas – Robert Carricart
Ace – John Clark
Frank Willis – Charles Stalmaker (Charles Stalnaker)
Luisa Montoya – Marcella Saint-Amant
Juantez – Gustavo Rojo (Gustavo Pinto)
Mrs. Ruth Willis – Susan Harvey
Loomis – Ben Tatar
Peon in tavern – Juan Olaguivel
with: Peter Dane (Edward Voigt), Charly Bravo (Ramon Bravo)

  Vince Carden is a violent Apache-hating landowner obsessed with driving the Indians from the region in order to take their land for himself. When cavalry troops are sent in to try and bring peace to the troubled area, Vince discovers the government plans to donate land for an Indian reservation, causing him to redouble his murderous efforts against the tribe. He and his thugs rob a stagecoach and make it look like an Indian attack. Vince's brother Paul returns home and the brothers resume a long-standing battle over a deceased former lover. As the Indians lay waste to the settlement of Forge River, the two brothers join forces to try and save the inhabitants from an Apache attack.