Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Il suo nome e Qualcano – Italian title
El ultimo rebelled – Spanish title
Det Hansynlosa Ganget – Swedish title
The Last Rebel – U.S.A. title

A 1970 U.S.A., Italian co-production [Spangler Pictures Ltd. (Hollywood), Heritage Italiana (Rome)]
Producer: Larry G. Spangler
Director: Denys McCoy
Story: Warren Kiefer (Lorenzo Sabatini)
Screenplay: Warren Kiefer (Lorenzo Sabatini)
Cinematography: Carlo Carlini [Technicolor]
Music: Tony Ashton, Jon Lord
Songs: “I’m Dying for You”, “Oh Matilda” sung by Ashton, Gardner & Dyke (Tony Ashton, Kim Gardener, Ron Dyke)
Running time: 90 minutes

Captain Hollis Burnside – Joe Namath (Joseph Namath)
Matt Graves – Jack Elam (William Elam)
Duncan – Woody Strode (Woodrow Strode)
Sheriff – Ty Hardin (Orison Hungerford II)
Pearl – Victoria George
Madam Dupres – Annamaria Chio
Ruby – Jessica Dublin
Camellia – Marina Coffa
Black boy – Bruce Eweka
Pool hustler – Mike Forest (Michael Charlebois)
Virgil – Renato Romano
Stagecoach agent – Dominic Barto
Lieutenant – Herb Andress (Herbert Greunz)
Bedroom man – Larry Laurence (Larry Spangler)
Union officer – Sebastian Segriff
Al the barman – Al Hassan
Tavern owner – Hermano Reynoso
Tall soldier – Art Johnson
Old soldier – Paul Sheriff
1st rancher – Troy Patterson (Ettore Corvino)
2nd rancher – Rick Wells (Richard Wells)
Deputies – Jim Garbo (James Garbo), Tomas Rudy (Tomas Rudi)

It's 1865 in Missouri and the Civil War has just ended. Confederate soldiers Hollis Burnside and Matt Graves flee from Union soldiers that want to imprison them. Hollis then frees a black man named Duncan from a lynching and they become a trio. Later when Hollis wins a lot of money at the pool table and Matt doesn't get any, the two soldiers become enemies. This leads to a showdown between Hollis and Duncan against Matt and the henchmen he has put together to steal the money.



  1. Tom, here's info about Denys McCoy, who was apparently NOT Spangler:

  2. Thanks for the correction. I had seen it mentioned in a magazine interview with someone involved with "The Last Rebel" that McCoy was really Spangler. Correction has been made.