Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Remembering Ivan Staccioli

Ivano Staccioli was born on January 3, 1927 in Siena, Tuscany, Italy. During his career he appeared in 70 films between 1960 and 1991 and several TV appearances. As Ivan Staccioli he is best known for his appearances in historical adventures, action and  Spaghetti western films in the 1960s. In the early 1960s he appeared in many Sword and Sandal films or ancient epics. In the mid to late 1960s he was often credited as John Heston for Italian films dubbed for the American audience, particularly his westerns. Ivan made twelve Euro-westerns among which were “Any Gun Can Play” (1967), “Cemetery Without Crosses” (1968) and “Have a Nice Funeral” (1970). Staccioli died of lung cancer on July 15, 1995 in Rome. Today we remember Ivan Staccioli on what would have been his 85th birthday.

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