Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Last Pistolero

L’ultimo Pistolero – Italian title
The Last Pistolero – English title

A 2002 Italian production [Ass. Celluloide, CKS Cinema e Communications (Rome)]
Producer: Claudio Bronzo
Director: Alessandro Dominici
Story: Sebastiano Ruiz Mignone
Screenplay: Sebastiano Ruiz Mignone
Cinematography: Alessandro Dominici [black & white[
Music: Ennio Morricone
Running time: 8 minutes

Pistolero – Franco Nero

An aging gunslinger conceives of a unique way to eliminate himself in a deserted warehouse.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't even know this movie was made.
    Is this even close to a Spaghetti Western?
    Well, in my opinion, yes! Franco Nero, (Of Django fame), really knows how to act. Amazing! I would really like to work with him on a film. Maybe it will be a Western.
    Franco, you rock!