Thursday, January 12, 2012


Il tempo degli avvoltoi – Italian title
Korppikotkien aika – Finnish title
Quand les vautours attaquent – French title
Le vautours attaquent – French title
Die Zeit de Geier – German title
Gebrandmarkt – German title
O simademenos – Greek title
Teimpo de violencia – Spanish title
El ultimo maldito – Spanish title
Time of the Vultures – English title
No Tears for a Killer – English title
Last of the Badmen – English title

A 1967 Italian production [Pacific Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Vico Pavoni
Director: Nando Cicero (Fernando Cicero)
Story: Fulvio Gicca (Fulvio Gicca Palli)
Screenplay: Fulvio Gicca (Fulvio Gicca Palli)
Cinematography: Fausto Rossi [Eastmancolor, Euroscope]
Music: Piero Umiliani (Romano Ferrera)
Running time: 95 minutes

Kitosch – George Hilton (Jorge Lara)
Joshua ‘The Black One’ Tracy – Frank Wolff (Walter Wolff)
Don Jaime Morelos/Mendoza – Eduardo Fajardo
Steffy Morales/Mendoza – Pamela Tudor (Pamela Eddy)
Rubia – Femi Benussi (Eufemia Benussi)
Big John/Francisco – Franco Balducci
Senorita – Cristina Josani (Cristina Iosani)
Traps – Maria Grazia Marescalchi
Sheriff – John Bartha (János Barta)
Camaro – Guglielmo Spoletini
Mendoza henchman – Pietro Torrisi
With Ivan G. Scrat (Ivan Scrartuglia), Gian Luigi Crescenzi, Tulio Altamura, Alfonso Donati, Gino Vagniluca

Kitosh, a young cowboy in the employ of Don Jaime Mendoza, is beaten by his employer, because he had dared to woo his wife. Filled with resentment and hatred, Kitosh leaves the ranch and begins a life of an outlaw, joining a notorious bandit, Black Tracy Soon, however, the contrasts between the two arise because Kitosh kills only when he is forced to do so while Tracy enjoys killing. When Tracy proposes to take criminal action against Don Jaime, Kitosh, eager to take revenge on his former master, accepts without hesitation. The two kidnap the wife of Don Jaime and demand a large sum for ransom. Wanting to get his wife back safely, Don Jaime agrees to sacrifice all the money in his possession and goes to deliver it personally to the two outlaws. At this point, Tracy takes advantage of Kitosh’s good faith, disarms him and prepares to kill him, along with Don Jaime and his wife, to escape unmolested with all the money. Kitosh confronts Tracy and although wounded and unable to win over his rival he kills him. Don Jaime is returned the ransom money, and the young Kitosch leaves, determined to rebuild his life.

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  1. I would like to remake this film under the title of "Kitosch" in the near future. Now who's with me?