Wednesday, January 4, 2012

RIP Jerzy Mizak

Production manager, assistant director Jerzy Mizak and his wife, actress Barbara Mizak [1955-2011] died in an automobile accident on Christmas day near their home in Kozielnicach, Poland. He was 58. A third of his life was associated with the film industry. Jerzy was born in Poland on September 18, 1953 and was a very experienced production manager and assistant director in over 50 films. Mizak was associated with some of the the largest Polish productions: “Pan Tadeusz” (1999) "The Pianist", "Zemsta", “Wiedźmin" (all 2002), "Wesele" (2004), "Katyń" (2007) and as production manager on his only Euro-western “Summer Love” (aka Dead Man’s Bounty) (2006). Earlier in December he began work on the film "Walesa".

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