Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Jim il primo – Italian title
… era una pistol infallibile lo chiamavano Jim il primo – Italian title
El ultimo revolver – Spanish title
Le dernier pistolet – French title
Das letzte Gewehr – German title
Holle, ihr Banditen – German title
Fur eine Handvoll Gold – German title
Kano ehthrous gia na skotono – Greek title
Maskoforos kavalaris – Greek title
Duelo no Arizona – Portuguese title
The Lonely Gunfighter – English title
Django the Last Gun – English title
Killer’s Canyon – U.K. title
The Last Gun – U.S.A. title

A 1964 Italian, Spanish co-production [Rasfilm (Rome)]
Producers: Luigi Gianni, Elio Sorrentino
Director: Serge Bergon (Sergio Bergonzelli)
Story: Dick Fulner
Screenplay: Dick Fulner, Ambrose Molteni (Palmambrogio Molteni), James Wilde, Jr.
Cinematography: R. Garron (Romolo Garrone), Amerigo Gengarelli [Eastmancolor, Superscope]
Music: Marcello Gigante
Song: “Young Jim Hart” sung by Peter Tevis
Song: “Amor Mexicano” sung by Rena Filippini
Running time: 100 minutes

Bill/Jim Hart – Cameron Mitchell (Cameron Mizell)
Guitar – Carl Mohner
Jane/Janet – Celina Cely (Celina Celi)
Dolores – Kitty Carver
Jess Lindahl – Livio Lorenzon
Tommy – Dony Baster (Donato Baster)
Bow Tie – Ugo Mud (Ugo Fangareggi)
Millie – Fanny Clair
Sheriff – Harris Cooper (Giulio Maculani
Morgan – Paul Solvay (Luigi Batzella)
Peronez – Attilio Severini
Dolores’ mother - Lina Albert (Anna Alberti),
Janet’s father - Calisto Calisti
With: Mary Gordon (Mariangela Giordano), Rosy March, John Mathews (Giuseppe Mattei), Vic Nojaski, Diego Wells (Diego Pozzetto), Cinzia Ran, Luke Aaron

  Jim il primo, is so called because he is the best shot in the West. He swears on the body of his latest victim to never use a gun again and to lead a peaceful life in the future. But Jim's intentions do not last long: a band of outlaws arrive at Sanderson and turn the city upside down, spreading terror among its inhabitants. No one has the courage to stand-up against the bandits, except a masked man who intervenes when appropriate. The outlaws are trying to seize a cargo of gold and have the upper hand on the sheriff, who defends the precious cargo by himself, when, once again, the masked man intervenes. The masked hero turns out to be Jim who ends the bandits’ reign of terror by killing all the outlaws.


  1. Cameron Mitchell walked off the set of "The Last Gun" halfway through filming and they had to bring in another actor. I intend to remake this film in the near future called, "The Last Gunfighter". It will tell the story of Jim Hart, who is living at a nursing home in Los Angeles, California, in the 1900s. By now, he's in his 70s and can't remember much. But then one day, he is asked about a potential career as a gunfighter by a local reporter. He tells the reporter a story about how he got into a gunfight with a man by the name of Morgan and how the showdown took place in Carson Valley, Texas, in 1877 when he was only 42. Then we see a flashback of a young Jim Hart wearing a pearl handle .45 and riding a black horse. He rides into Carson Valley and finds out that most of the town fears him. The sheriff, Jess Lindahl, hires Morgan to take care of Hart. Hart, however, is onto the scheme and decides that Morgan and the sheriff both must be stopped. With the help of a singer named Guitar who knows how to use a sixgun better than a six string, and his cousin Tommy, who packs a really mean slingshot, Hart is able to take on Morgan and his gang and expose the true crimes of Sheriff Lindahl. Wish me luck. I might succeed yet.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that part of the film takes place in 1905. My bad.