Sunday, January 15, 2012

Remembering Anna Maria Maggi

Amina Pirani Maggi was born on January 15, 1892 in Verona, Italy. She became an actress in theater, film and television. Her starring period in the cinema was during the period 1930-1979. She started acting as a child on stage and then made her film debut with a small part in the film “Il treno delle 21,15”, directed by Palermi Hamlet (1933). After World War II as Anna Maria Maggi she became one of the most popular Italian supporting actresses, in roles that always manage to convey great sensitivity and talent. She will also appear in big budget films such as “Times Gone By” (1952) directed by Alessandro Blasetti and “The Naked Maja” in 1958, directed by Henry Koster. She then became an important figure invoice dubbing, which she had started doing in 1931 and was among the first group of players selected to voice the Italian version of foreign films. She remained a presence in the theater until old age dying in Rome on November 1, 1979. She was married to actor Italo Pirani. Anna Maria appeared in only one Euro-western 1942’s “The Girl of the Golden West” (1942). Today we remember Anna Maria Maggi on what would have been 120th birthday.

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