Thursday, January 26, 2012


Der letzte Ritt nach Santa Cruz – German title
La chevauchée vers Santa Cruz – French title
Ortiz le bandit – French title
I teleftaia efodos tis Santa Cruz – Greek title
La lunga strada della vendetta – Italian title
Ortiz il bandito – Italian title
El Sheriff implacable – Spanish title
The Last Ride to Santa Cruz – English title

A 1963 German, Austrian co-production [Magnet Film (Berlin), Wiener Stadthalle GmbH (Vienna)]
Producer: Heinz Pollak, Karl Spiehs
Director: Rolf Olsen
Story: Charles Sealsfield
Screenplay: Alex Berg (Herbert Reinecker)
Dialogue Otto Pischin [German], Herta Hareson [German]
Cinematography: Karl Löb [Eastmancolor, Ultrascope]
Music: Charly Niessen (Carl Niessen), Erwin Halletz
Running time: 95 minutes

Rex Kelly – Edmund Purdom
Pedro Ortiz – Mario Adorf
Elisabeth ‘Liz’ Kelly – Marianne Koch
José – Klaus Kinski
Juanita – Marisa Mell
Woody Johnson – Walter Giller
Carlos – Thomas Fritsch
Fernando – Sieghardt Rupp
Steve Kelly – Florian Kühne
Sheriff Henry – Edmund Hashim
John – Rolf Olsen
Deputy Sheriff – Dan Barry (Joaquín Gómez)
With: Kurt Nachmann, Martin Urtel

  Pedro Ortiz has been sitting in prison for the past ten robbery of a gold shipment. After his release he wants to raise the previously hidden loot and exact revenge on the sheriff who put him in jail. For the job he frees his cellmates, some very nasty criminals, and they begin the bloody trail of revenge. He finds that ex-Sheriff Rex Kelly now works in a bank. Ortiz kidnaps Kelly’s wife and son and keeps them hostage in a Santa Cruz mountain hideout. Kelly pursues the outlaws and there he faces a showdown between the two mortal enemies.



  1. This is a German-Austrian coproduction; French SNC was the distributor in France only.
    And I can't find anything about a "Leo Matzenni" (btw, "tz" is not a usual Italien combination of letters).

  2. ..ah,. I forgot: Karl Spiehs was producer for Wiener Stadthalle GmbH, Vienna.

  3. Corrections noted and changed. Thanks as always Fatman.

  4. I plan to remake this film under the working title of "The Guns Of Santa Cruz". It's one of many films I wish to make in the near future. The film will be about a gang of outlaws led by Rex Kramer who rob a bank in the town of Rio Negro in California in 1897. My character, Kramer, is later betrayed after being shot in the back. The rest of the gang, Jug Williams, Clyde Parker, Red Yates, Moe Fowler, Johnny Garth, Mexican Paul, and Silas Duffy all head out for Mexico. Duffy is now the new leader of the gang and they have set their sights on a small church in Santa Cruz. They want to hide their gold there but when the padre, Padre Miguel, finds out it's been stolen, he won't let them. Duffy threatens to kill Padre Miguel if he doesn't let them hide the gold and the priest reluctantly gives in. In the meantime, Rex is nursed back to health by a widow who finds out later from her brother that he's a wanted outlaw. He tells her what his plans are and that once he's done he will mend his ways and marry her. He changes his name to Rex Kelly and sets off after his former gang. With the help of an alcoholic blacksmith, Pedro Ortiz, and a circus performer, Jose, Rex enters the town of Santa Cruz where he is told by the Mexican Army that Silas Duffy and the gang are holding Padre Miguel and the others hostage and that they have hidden the gold inside the church. They also tell him that if he refuses to leave Santa Cruz, Duffy will kill the hostages. But Rex refuses to leave anyway, saying that he won't leave until he gets what's he after. But will he get it in time? Or will Silas Duffy determine the town's fate? You'll have to see for yourselves. As always, wish me luck.