Friday, January 14, 2011

Who are Those Guys? - Renato Baldini

Renato Baldini was born on December 18, 1921 in Rome, Italy. He made his film debut in 1943 in the film “Harlem”. After World War II he began to appear on Italian television in soap operas. He then entered films on a continuous basis, over 85 films until the early 1980. With his white hair and dark eyebrows he was one of the most recognizable faces in Euro-westerns from early appearances in the Karl May westerns, “Frontier Hellcat”, “Last of the Renegades” and “The Desperado Trail”. He would then become a regular in Italian westerns sometimes using the aliases Ryan Bladwin and King MacQueen in such films as “Dynamite Joe” (1966), “Clint the Stranger” (1967) “Lynching” (1968), “The Return of Hallejuah” (1971) and “The Genius” (1975). Baldini appeared as a character actor to supporting roles in dramas and comedies. Late in his acting career he made occasional appearances in RAI-TV dramas and thrillers. Baldini died in Rome on July 5, 1995 at the age of 74.

BALDINI, Renato (aka Ryan Baldwin, Rajan Brennan, Ryan Brennan, King MacQueen) [12/18/1921, Rome, Lazio, Italy - 7/5/1995, Rome, Lazio, Italy] - TV actor.
Frontier Hellcat - 1964 (Judge Leader)
Last of the Renegades - 1964 (Colonel J.F. Merril)
The Desperado Trail - 1965
The Man from Canyon City - 1965 (Grieves) [as Ryan Baldwin]
Dynamite Joe - 1966 (Senator Jury Nelson/Nensa)
A Woman for Ringo - 1966
Clint the Stranger - 1967 (farmer)
Ciccio Forgives, I Don’t - 1968
Lynching - 1968 (Mayor Johnson) [as King MacQueen]
Paths of War - 1969 (Jeff)
Sartana the Gravedigger - 1969 (judge)
Gunman in Town - 1970 (‘Nobody’)
Mallory Must Not Die - 1971 (Colonel Todd Hasper)
Return of Hallelujah - 1971 (Mexican officer)
The Crazy Bunch - 1974 (bank director)
The Genius - 1975 (sheriff)

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  1. King McQueen! Has to be one of the best/worst Spaghetti western alias ever. Love it!