Friday, January 21, 2011

Guess Who I Am

I am a Spanish actress born in Almeria in 1938. Guess who I am.

Fatman correctly identified this week's photo as that of Nieves Navarro.


  1. That's "Susan Scott", nom-de-film of Nieves Navarro.

    (Not very much looking like herself in earlier days....)

  2. I was raises in interior of Minas Gerais(Brazil).That lovely time of 60 years,i was a student,had no money,so I shined shoes,grossed a little money,would go to Cine Saint Antonio(Passa Tempo),see great European Western,but was vogue..they were in the "female beauties" parading in the movies,there was a spanish one and feature incomparable:Lady Nieves Navarro,his face will be forever in my

  3. That's Nieves Navarro from "A Pistol For Ringo". She played Dolores in that film. During the final showdown, Ringo runs out of bullets in his .45 and must borrow a flintlock pistol from the Revolutionary War. Meanwhile, Fernando Sancho's character, Sancho, is hiding behind a bell. Ringo sees him aim his gun and tries an impossible shot which bounces off the bell and hits Sancho. Before he dies, Sancho cries out, "Dolores". That's the name of the character that Nieves Navarro played in the film and I can only assume that in the film, she was Sancho's wife. Maybe I don't know. But anyway, great actress. And she was born where almost all the Spaghetti Westerns were made. Pretty cool.