Friday, January 21, 2011

Guess Who I Am

I am a Spanish actress born in Almeria in 1938. Guess who I am.

Fatman correctly identified this week's photo as that of Nieves Navarro.


  1. That's "Susan Scott", nom-de-film of Nieves Navarro.

    (Not very much looking like herself in earlier days....)

  2. I was raises in interior of Minas Gerais(Brazil).That lovely time of 60 years,i was a student,had no money,so I shined shoes,grossed a little money,would go to Cine Saint Antonio(Passa Tempo),see great European Western,but was vogue..they were in the "female beauties" parading in the movies,there was a spanish one and feature incomparable:Lady Nieves Navarro,his face will be forever in my