Monday, January 17, 2011


5 dollari per Ringo - Italian title
Cinque pistole del Texas - Italian title
5 pistole de Texas - Spanish title
5 dolares para Ringo - Brazilian title
5 rafales pour Ringo - French title
Ringo le hors-la-loi - French title
De laglösa - Swedish title
Ringo Takes All - English title
$5.00 for Ringo - English title

A 1965 Spanish, Italian co-production [IFI Espana, Moncayo Films (Barcelona), Cineproduzioni Associate (Rome)]
Producers: Ignacio F. Iquino (Ignacio Fares Iquino), Fernando Russo
Directors: Juan Xiol (Juan Marchal), Ignacio F. Iquino (Ignacio Fares Iquino)
Story: Mikky Roberts (Miguel Bada)
Screenplay: Mikky Roberts (Miguel Bada)
Cinematography: Victor Monreal (Victor Sarto) [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: Enrique Escobar (Enrique Sotes), Francesco De Masi
Songs: “El Amor pedridas”, “Vivar un largo invierno”, “Te dare mi amor” sung by ?
Running time: 90 minutes

Sheriff Jess Crane/Lester Sands - Anthony P. Taber (Juilo Pérez Tabernero)
Sara - Vicky Lagos (Aurelia Munoz)
Mayor Aldo Rudell - Albert Farley (Alberto Quaglini)
Miriam Gray - Maria Pia Conte (Maria Vaccarezza)
Kenny - Indio González (Gaspar González)
Corman/Coleman - Fernando Rubio
Simon - Gila Sevy (Miguel Cuesta)
Charlie Scott - Ángel Lombarte
Alex Harris - César Ojinaga
with: Janette Rock, Spencer Parker, Romano Giomini, Javier Conde, Juan M. Simón (Juan Manuel Simón), Mario Via, Luis del Pueblo, Theresa Giro (Teresa Giro), Eduardo Lizarraga

Jess Crane, sheriff of Rimrock, decides to eliminate the bandits terrorizing the county, during a ride he foils an assault on a young woman named Sarah, who is willing to work with him to expose the outlaws. Through the woman Jess discovers the outlaws hideout in Lindsborg and the head of the gang is Mayor Rudell. Crane can not act without having more evidence. Jess seems to have found an ally in Judge Burnett, but when he is in a safe place to bring Charlie Scott, a precious witness, he is killed. Jess does not let this stop him. He obtains evidence that Brown made a deal with Ringo, the most dangerous outlaw in the entire area and after a fierce duel kills him. Meanwhile Rudell is killed by Judge Burnet. It turns out the judge is the real ringleader and eliminates every witness against him. The sheriff and Sarah recognizes the murderess of her father. The intervention of Miriam, the woman who loves him, kills Rudell and puts the dishonest judge away where he’s incapable of causing harm again.

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