Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who are Those Guys? Raf Baldassarre

Raffaele Baldassarre was born on January 17, 1932 in Rome, Italy. The tall, slim athletic actor became a well recognized figure in sword and sandal films, westerns and mercenary films. He never rose above the ranks of supporting actor with secondary roles but he was a fan favorite even when he played evil villains. As was the fashion of the period he used several pseudonyms such as Ralph Bladwyn, Ralph Baldasarre and Raf Baldwyn. Raf appeared in over 90 films during his career which started with his first appearance in 1957's “Pirate of the Half Moon” directed by Giuseppe Scotese and starring John Derek until his last appearance in “La avventure dell’incredible Ercole” starring Lou Ferrigno and directed by Luigi Cozzi in 1985. Baldassarre was known to have a gentle disposition and a great sense of humor. He was good friends with Tony Anthony who used him in all of his westerns. Later in his career Baldassare moved to Otranto, Italy where he and his brothers basically owned several businesses and ran the town. Raf became a producer and one of the last ventures he was involved with was narrating a documentary about Pope John Paul II’s visit to Ontranto in 1980. Among his films were over 35 westerns where he usually played slimy Mexicans and outlaw gang members. He’s probably best remembered as the Mexican General who Tony Anthony saves in “Blindman” (1971). But also had supporting roles in such classics as “Fistful of Dollars” (1964), “El Rojo” (1967), “The Mercenary” and “The Great Silence” both in 1968, “Drummer of Vengeance” (1971) and “Get Mean” (1976). The easy-go-lucky actor died in Rome, Italy on January 11, 1995 at the age of 63.

BALDASSARRE, Raf (aka Raf Baldasar, Raf Baldasarre, Ralph Baldasarre, Ralph Baldassar, Ralph Baldassare, Rik Baldassarre, Raf Baldassarri, Raf Baldwin, Raf Baldwyn, Raf Falcone) (Raffaele Baldassarre) [1/17/1932, Giurdignao, Lecce, Italy - 1/11/1995, Rome, Lazio, Italy]
The Shadow of Zorro - 1962 (Chinto) [as Ralph Baldassarre]
The Implacable Three - 1963 (McCoy)
The Sign of the Coyote 1963 (‘One Ear’)
Seven from Texas - 1964 (Jess) [Raf Baldwyn]
Hands of a Gunman - 1965 (Mack) [as Ralph Balwyn]
Legacy of the Incas - 1965 (Geronimo) [as Ralph Baldwin]
Outlaw of Red River - 1965 [as Ralph Baldwyn]
The Relentless Four - 1965 (Moss) [as Ralph Baldwyn]
Seven Hours of Gunfire - 1965 (Guillermo) [Ralph Baldwyn]
The Son of Jesse James - 1965 (Bruce)
Rebels in Canada - 1966 (Metis trapper) [as Ralph Baldwyn]
A Man, a Colt - 1967 (Pedro’s henchman)
El Rojo - 1967 (Ramon) [as Raf Baldwin]
A Stranger in Town - 1967 (Corgo)
The Stranger Returns - 1967 (Chrysler)
Go for Broke - 1968 (Miguel Comaco)
Between God, the Devil and a Winchester - 1968 (Pedro Batch)
Dead Men Don’t Count - 1968 (Gregory Lassiter)
The Great Silence - 1968 (Sanchez/Bob Schultz)
The Mercenary - 1968 (Mateo)
A Pistol for 100 Coffins - 1968 (Verdugo)
The Silent Stranger - 1968 (White-Eue)
The Dead are Countless - 1969 (Damon)
Quinto Fighting Proud - 1969 (stagecoach guard)
Arizona Returns - 1970 (Big Lee) (Raffaele Baldassarre)
Hey Amigo! A Toast to Your Death - 1970 (Chico) [as Raf Baldwin]
The Man Who Cried for Revenge - 1970 (Jack)
Blindman - 1971 (Mexican general)
Dig Your Grave Friend, Sabata’s Coming - 1971 (James Miller/Sabata)
Drummer of Vengeance - 1971 (Jason) [as Ralph Baldassarre]
And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave - 1972
Too Much Gold for One Gringo - 1972
Prey of Vultures - 1973
Get Mean - 1976 (Diego)
The Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinity - 1971 (Parody henchman) [as Ralph Baldwin]
Sartana Kills Them All - 1971 (Fred Burton)

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