Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Fistful of Fingers

A Fistful of Fingers - U.K. title

A 1994 British production [Wrightstuff Pictures (Somerset), Scorpio Productions]
Producers: Daniel Figuero, Zygi Kamasa, Gareth Owen
Director: Edgar Wright
Story: Edgar Wright
Screenplay: Edgar Wright
Cinematography: Alvin Leong [Fujicolor]
Music: François Evans
Running time: 78 minutes

Walter Marshall/’No Name’ - Graham Low
Running Sore - Martin Curtis
Squint - Oliver Evans (Oli van der Vijver)
Jimmy James - Quentin Green
the clerk - Edward Scotland
Yanks With a Fist - Amy Bowles
bartender - Stuart Low
pint-sized hussy - Nicola Stapleton
the old codger - Richard Green
Sheriff Marshall - Will Cones (William Cornes)
El Guardo - James Early
Jeremy Beadle - Jeremy Beadle
master of ceremonies - Neil Mullarkey
‘Pile-On’ Kid - Dan Palmer (Daniel Palmer)
Calamity Keith - Mark Sheffield
two-bit farmer - Edgar Wright
with: James Lance,. Tim Wyatt, Tamara Urwin, Grant Restorick, Nick Nestall, Sarah Newton, Mark Montgomery, Chris Meyer, Rebecca Mantley, Andrew Lintell, John Knowles, Steve Jones, Kieron Jefferson, Simon Hunt, Ian Hill, Miranda Gay, Paul Flynn, Nick Field, Gavin Elwood, Hannah Dodkin, Ian Crick, Conrad Comer, Gavin Cloggie, Phil Bouchard, Daniel Bostrom, Jake Baynes, James Bailey, Robert Yarde, Seb Smith, Henry Scotland, George Scotland

“No-Name”, a gunslinger, rides into Deadwood Town in search of his rival ‘The Squint’. After the death of his loyal horse Easy, No-Name swears revenge and sets off to settle the score once and for all. Along the way he meets up with an Indian named Running Sore, and they stumble across a buried treasure as well.

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