Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday John Steiner

John Steiner was born on January 7, 1941 in Chester, England. John worked for awhile for the BBC after his schooling and then began to be offered small film roles. Among his early films were “Bedazzled” (1967) and “Work is a 4-Letter Word” (1968). He began a career in Italian films with an appearance as Dr. Henry Price in “Tepepa” (aka “Blood and Guns”) with Tomás Milian and Orson Welles. His big break came in another Italian western, Lucio Fulci’s “White Fang” (1973) as Beauty Smith opposite Franco Nero. He reprised the role a year later in “Challenge to White Fang” again directed by Fulci and starring Nero. He began a long run in films for the next two decades playing memorable villains. Probably most memorable to Spaghetti western fans was his role as Valler opposite Maurizio Merli in the 1977 film “A Man Called Blade”. As the western genre declined he turned to crime and horror films finally retiring in 1991 and moving to Southern California. Today John is a successful real estate agent and like most villains one of the nicest and most sincere of actors. Today we celebrate John Steiner’s 70th birthday.

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