Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Flaming Journey of the Pacific Express

Die Flammenfahrt des Pacific-Express - German title
The Flaming Journey of the Pacific Express - English title

A 1921 German production [Arnold & Richter, Wiwefco Wildwest-Film Co. (Munich)]
Producer: Arnold & Richter (August Arnold, Robert Richter)
Director: Alfred Paster (Alfred Paster-Saterp)
Story: Alfred Paster (Alfred Paster-Saterp)
Screenplay: Alfred Paster (Alfred Paster-Saterp)
Cinematography: August Arnold, Robert Richter [black & white]
Running time: 2184 meters

Story: Unknown.

Lisa Kresse, Alfred Paster (Alfred Paster-Saterp), Henri Peters-Arnolds, Anneliese Halbe, Kathi Kobus, Willy Stettner (Willi Stettner)

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