Friday, December 30, 2022

Spaghetti Western Trivia – “Carambola” could have been


When director Ferdinando Baldi was directing “The Unholy Four” he was working on a story for a future film. It was called “Carmabola” and he originally thought of it as a dramatic film not a comedy. He was had asked George Eastman and Leonard Mann to play the leads. As time went on and the focus of the Spaghetti westerns changed from drama to comedy and the success of “They Call Me Trinity” he decided to follow the trend and changed his film to a clone of the tremendously successful film. He then cast Michael Coby (Antonio Cantafora) and Paul Smith as his main protagonists.

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  1. Leonard Mann said that he was up for the role of Carambola and that George Eastman was up for the role of his partner but they were replaced at the last minute. They're still alive so it could happen but only if Leonard Mann shows interest in it which is highly unlikely since he hasn't acted in over 30 years.