Sunday, December 11, 2022

RIP Carlos Gil


Spanish producer, director and assistant director Carlos Gil died in Madrid, Spain on December 8, 2022. He was 74. Born Juan Carlos Gil Díaz on May 12, 1948, Gil worked extensively in Spain since he accompanied his father a production manager on “Lawrence of Arabia” in 1962. Gil was an assistant director on the Indiana Jones film trilogy and over 30 other films from 1967 to 2010. Gil worked on six Euro-westerns: “Villa Rides” (1968)  [assistant director]; “The Valley of Gwangi” (1969) [assistant director]; “El Condor” (1970) [assistant director]; “7 cabalgan hacia la Muerte” (1980) [assistant director]; “Dollar for the Dead” (TV) (1998) [assistant director]; “Queen of Swords” (TV) (2000-2001) [director].

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