Friday, December 23, 2022

50th Anniversary of the premier of “An Animal Called Man”


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “An Animal Called Man” directed by Roberto Mauri and starring Vassili Karis, Craig Hill, Omero Capanna and Lillian Bray. The story tells of two drifters Bill Matson (Vassili Karis) and his brother Johnny (Omero Capanna), arrive in the town of Silver City, which is run by Mark Forrester (Craig Hill) and his gangsters. Our heroes try and compete with Forrester and Bill even beats him in a shooting contest, winning $500 and the admiration of Yvette (Lillian Bray), a doctor from Paris. Bill and Johnny then pose as tax collectors and try to con the townspeople out of their hard-earned money. They end up getting rid of Forrester and his gang and are given a huge reward by the town but being the conmen they are they decide to move on with Yvette. The film grossed 73, 525 lire on its original release.


Un animale chiamato uomo – Italian title

Um Animal Chamado Homem – Brazilian title

Bill oc John vaelter byen – Danish title

Bill & John - Lännenveijarit vauhdissa - Finnish title

Cei homme est un animal – French title

Cet homme est un animal – French title

Les 2 pistoleros de Sylver City – French title

Violence dans la valle – French title

Enas Satanas pou ton legane anthropo – Greek title

El cadaver nuestro de cada dia – Spanish title

Bill & John – westerns storsta oljud – Swedish title

Dom kallar mig odjuret - Swedish title

El cadaver nuestra de cada dia – Venzuelan title

An Animal Called Man – English title


A 1972 Italian film production [Lattes Cinematografica, Virginia Cinematografica


Producer: Mano Vincenzo (Romano Vincenzo)

Director: Roberto Mauri (Giuseppe Tagliavia)

Story: Roberto Mauri Giuseppe Tagliavia

Screenplay: Roberto Mauri (Giuseppe Tagliavia)

Cinematography: Luigi Ciccarese [Eastmancolor]

Music: Carlo Savina

Running time: 86 minutes



Bill “Manolesta” Matson - Vassili Karis (Vassilli Karamesinis)

Dr. Yvette - Lillian Bray (Gillian Bray)

Mark Forester/Foster - Craig Hill (Craig Fowler)

Johnny “Lingua Veloce” Matson - Omero Capanna

Sheriff - Paolo Magalotti

Deputies - Virgilio Ponti, Enrico Chiappafreddo

Joe - Gilberto Galimberti

Barman - Alfonso Giganti

Blond brawler - Roberto dell’Acqua

Horse seller - Aristide Caporale

Farmer - Amerigo Santarelli

Farmer’s wife - Alba Maiolini

Farmer’s sons - Clemente Ukmar, Giulio Maculani

Foster henchman - Sergio Serafin (Sergio Serafini), Bruno Ukmar, Giancarlo Ukmar

     (Giovanni Ukmar), Angelo Boscariol

With: Carla Mancini, Giuseppe Carbone

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