Sunday, December 18, 2022

“Il silenzio di Jill”


Il silenzio di Jill – Italian title


A 2018 Italian short film production [Controluce (Rome)]

Producers: Armando Guidoni, Tarquinio Minotti

Director: Daniele Tullio

Story: Marco Savegnago

Screenplay: Marco Savegnago

Cinematography: Demetrio Caracciolo, Massimiliano Giubilei

Music: Arianna Granieri

Running time: 19 minutes



Old man – Giulio Dicorato

Jill - Laura Paracuollo

Sam - Demian Aprea

Amos - Simone D'Acuti

The Stranger - Costantino Comito


An old man goes is searching for his kidnapped daughter Jill who has been taken by two outlaws. He meets a stranger who drifts into his camp one night and he relates his story of revenge. Later the old man kills one of the outlaws but is caught by the second who threatens to kill his daughter unless he throws down his gun. The old man is forced to kneel down, but a rifle bullet rings out and the outlaw is wounded in the arm. The old man is able to get his gun and shoot the abductor but not kill him. Jill sees the outlaw grab his pistol but before he can shoot, she’s able to shoot and kill him. The Stranger rides off into the distance as the old man and his daughter are reunited.

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