Wednesday, December 14, 2022

50th Anniversary of the premier of “Return of Clint the Stranger”


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier og “The Return of Clint the Stranger” directed by Geroge Martin and starring George Martin, Klaus Kinski and Marina Malfatti. It tells the story of a gunman named Clint Harrison (George Martin) revenges the death of his brother then is forced to flee from his family. With a price still on his head, he returns home after many years. Living under a false name and promises his wife Norma (Marina Malfatti) he will not use his guns. His wife is threatened by crooked landowners who want to get their hands on her ranch. Clint is finally compelled to take up his arms, while all the while on his trail is a ruthless and deadly Bounty Killer named Scott (Klaus Kinski) who decides to cash in on the bounty of $5,000 that is the reward offered for Clint


El retorno de Clint el solitario – Spanish title

Il ritorno di Clint il solitario – Italian title

Ti attende una corda… Ringo – Italian title

Trinity alguem te Espara – Brazilian title

Ein Einsamer kehrt zurück – German title

Mia kremala se perimenei, Trinita – Greek title

Ein Einsamer kehrt zurück – Yugoslavian title

There’s a Noose Waiting for You… Trinity – English title

The Return of Clint the Stranger – English title


A 1972 Spanish, Italian co-production [Balcázar Producciones Cinematográficas

    (Barcelona), A.B.C. (Madrid), Doria G. Film (Rome)]

Producer: E. Doria (Enzo Passadore), A. Balcázar (Alfonso Balcázar), P. Sagliocco

Director: George Martin (Francisco Celeiro)

Story: Alfonso Balcázar (Alfonso Granda)

Screenplay: Ezio Passadore (Enzo Passadore), Giovanni Simonelli

Cinematography: Jaime Deu Casas [Eastmancolor, widescreen]

Music: Ennio Morricone

Running time: 91 minutes



Joe/Clint/Trinity Harrison/Murrayson – George Martin (Francisco Celeiro)

Scott – Klaus Kinski (Nikolaus Nakaszynski)

Norma Harrison/Murrayson – Marina Malfatti (Marina Rabbissi)

Betty/Jill Harriso/Murrayson – Billy (Susanna Atkinson)

Jimmy Harrison/Murrayson – Francisco José Huetos

Mr. Scranton – Augusto Pesarini (Augusto Pescarini)

Brandon/Brandell – Luis Pnciano

Slim Naughton – Daniel Martin (José Martinez)

Telegrapher – Pajarito (Manuel Muñiz)

Craig – Manuel Bronchud (Manuel Bronchud i Guisoni)

Don – Antonio Ponciano

Simpson – José Paloma

McKinley – Luis Induni

Mr. Thompson - Glenn McKinley – Adolfo Alises Martinez)

Sheriff Culver – Indio Gonzales (Gaspar González)

Sheriff - Miguel Muniesa

Glenn McKinley – Adolfo Alises

Ross – Augusto Pesarini

Murdock brothers – Vittorio Fanfoni, Luigi Antonio Guerra

Blinky – Gustavo Re

Ben – Vincenzo De Palo

Madam – Mara Krupp

Prostitute – Rosanna Canghiari

Shopkeeper - Manuel Sas (Manuel Gas)

Brandon Harrison/Murrayson - Willy Colombini (Willi Colombini)

Saloon patron - Rolando De Santis

Guitar player - Rolando De Santis

Naughton henchman - Ricardo Moyán

Outlaw - Luigi Antonio (Luigi Antonio Guerra)

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