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Who Are Those Coposers? ~ Enrico Simonetti


Enrico Simonetti was born in Alassio, Savona, Italy on January 29, 124. He graduated in piano at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. A lover of jazz, in the early 1950s he founded a musical jazz band with Piero Piccioni and Bruno Martino, with whom they performed in the most important nightclubs of the time. In 1953 he moved with his family to Brazil, where he found immediate success as a musician, composer and also entertainer, hosting a long running television program, ‘Simonetti Show’, which lasted 147 episodes; thanks to his popularity he was made an honorary citizen of Brazil, and introduced into the order of "Candido Randon da Silva" order. In 1963 he returned to Italy, where he joined RAI television, making his debut in the show ‘Chitarra, amore mio’. He also became musical director for Fonit Cetra, Enrico was active as a television and radio host (often coupled with Isabella Biagini), a film composer, and even an occasional actor. Simonetti died at age 54, as a result of complications following a major surgical operation to remove a tumor in the throat. The two doctors who operated on Simonetti were convicted of manslaughter.

His film scores include “Macumba Love” (1960), “Special Killers” (1973), “Il magnate” (1973) and “Per amore di Cesarina” (1976). His masterpiece is, with no doubt, the notable theme song written for TV serial ‘Gamma’, directed by Salvatore Nocita in 1975, which remained for several weeks at #1 in the top sellers 45 rpm chart He is the father of composer and musician Claudio Simonetti.

SIMONETTI, Enrico (aka Henrique, Henrique Simonetti) [1/29/1924, Alassio, Liguria, Italy – 5/28/1978, Rome, Lazio, Italy (cancer)] – composer, conductor, musician (piano), actor, married to Pierina Morelli (1945-19??) father of composer, arranger, musician Claudio Simonetti [1952-    ], writer Simona Simonetti [1967-    ]. married to Simonetta Bonucci (19??-1978)

Bad Kids of the West* – 1968

*Available on CD.


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