Sunday, February 21, 2021

Spaghetti Western Location ~ “Fistful of Dollars”

The Sergio Leone Spaghetti western “Fistful of Dollars was filmed in the small Spanish town of Los Albaricoques. Much of the town remains the same while other parts have been remodeled and exact locations are a bit difficult to locate or verify. As you can see from one of the opening scenes of the film where Clint Eastwood rides into town.  



  1. Currently reading Mike's SPAGHETTI WESTERNS DIGEST #2 and noted your touching editorial. I sincerely hope you will again visit "The Promised Land" once this pandemic is over.

  2. I doubt if I'll make it back to Spain, not that I wouldn't want to but more likely I'll visit England where I many friends I haven't seen in years.