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European Western Comic Books ~ Indian Kid - Youk Il Giustiziere - Kid Sullivan - Davy Crockett - Daniel Boom - Penna d’Oro

The Bold (Indian Kid - Youk the Enforcer - Kid Sullivan - Davy Crockett - Daniel Boone – Golden Pen)

This comic book series was a reprint of various material published between 1955 and 1962 by Gabriele Gioggi and Fedora Bellis. We find Indian Kid by Lombardi, Youk the Enforcer by Onofrio Bramante, Kid Sullivan by Alessandro Torrisi (Alex Torris), Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone and The Golden Pen produced by Selecciones Illustradas and Billy London by Augusto Pedrazza. Announced, but never published in #10 "The Iron Idol".

The series was first published in 1981 with 1 January 15, 1981 until the final issue #9 on May 30, 1981. Published by the Parioli Publishing House and Junior Periodical Publishing in Rome, Italy Rome under the direction of Giorgio Molinari and E. Rovelli. Each issue contained 96 pages with black and white pages and color covers.


01 (15.01.81) - "Indian Kid" (Indian Kid)
02 (00.00.81) - "Una tomba vuota" (An Empty Tomb)
03 (00.00.81) - "Il figlio degli Apaches" (The Son of the Apaches)
04 (00.00.81) - "Fiamme nella notte" (Flames in the Night)
05 (00.00.81) - "Assalto al treno" (Assault on the Train)
06 (00.00.81) - "La freccia rossa" (The Red Arrow)
07 (00.00.81) - "La corsa verso l'oro" (The Rush to Gold)
08 (00.00.81) - "La via della sete" (The Way of Thirst)
09 (30.05.81) - "Fuga in mare" (Escape to the Sea)

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