Thursday, July 5, 2018

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Pietro Ceccarelli

Pietro Ceccarelli was born in Rome, Italy on January 26, 1934. He is the older brother of Lanfranco Ceccarelli. His career began in the mid-1950s and he was first seen in Peplum films. The tall and bald actor has numerous roles in both spaghetti western films, and especially in spy movies where he always played the part of a dangerous and violent thug as the henchman of the main criminal. In a film with Anna Magnani, “L'automobile” (1971), he played one of the angry motorists who confront a roadblock caused by Magnani’s car together with other impatient drivers they hurl it to the roadside. Ceccarelli worked as both and actor an stuntman in over 100 Italian films from “Le Notti Bianche” in 1957 to “Stradivari” in 1988. Pietro also worked as production manager and an assistant director and master of arms. In westerns he played circus strongmen, blacksmiths and usually henchmen.

He was sometimes credits as Peter Barclay, Peter Brighton, Peter Caine, Peter Cester, Puccio Cecarelli, Franco Ceccarelli, Lanfranco Ceccarelli, Peter Jacob and Otto Rock.

CECCARELLI, Pietro (aka Peter Barclay, Peter Brighton, Peter Caine, Puccio Cecarelli, Peter Ceccar, Chick Ceccarelli, Puccio Ceccarelli, Peter Cester, Peter Jacob, Otto Rock) [1/26/1934, Rome, Lazio, Italy -     ] – film actor, stuntman, brother of actor Lanfranco Ceccarelli.
The Sign of Zorro – 1962
Duel at the Rio Grande - 1963 (Romero)
Badmen of the West – 1964 (Ben)
Blood for a Silver Dollar – 1965 (Rex)
The Big Gundown – 1966 (Jack)
The Man from Nowhere – 1966 (rancher) [as Otto Rock]
Ballad of a Gunman – 1967 (Toro) [as Peter Jacob]
The Handsome, the Ugly, and the Stupid – 1967 (military bouncer) [as Peter Jacob]
The Hills Run Red – 1967 (Wolf) [as Puccio Ceccarelli]
Kill and Pray – 1967 (Tom) [as Peter Jacob]
Wanted Johnny Texas – 1967 (wagontrain baldman)
Drop Them or I’ll Shoot – 1968 (Pedro)
Find a Place to Die – 1968
I Came, I Saw, I Shot – 1968 (bald farmer)
The Moment to Kill – 1968 (Forester henchman)
Three Silver Dollars – 1968 (townsman)
Two Guns and a Coward – 1968 (circus man)
Drop Them or I’ll Shoot – 1969 (El Diablo henchman)
The Unholy Four – 1970 (bald bounty hunter)
Blazing Guns – 1971 (boxing coach)
Bullet for a Stranger – 1971 (gambler)
Holy Water Joe – 1971 (Sergeant Butch)
Pistol Packin’ Preacher – 1971 (Jeremiah)
They Called Him Veritas – 1972 (Jesse)
Carambola – 1973 (Roger)
The Crazy Bunch – 1974 (bald Stryker brother) [as Puccio Ceccarelli]
Macho Killers – 1977
Scalps - 1986

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