Friday, July 6, 2018

Papà fattene una ragione!

Papà fattene una ragione! – Italian title

A 2006 Italian production [Dog and Flowers (Rome)]
Producer: Milena Mancini
Director: Alessandro Giglio
Story: Alessandro Giglio
Screenplay: Alessandro Giglio
Cinematography: Stanislao Galasso [color]
Music: Piero Campanino
Running time: 5 minutes

Zorro – Antonio Conte
Son of Zorro – Giovanni Esposito
Sergeant Garcia – Danilo Buccili

Story: After years of intense training, the new "Zorro" is ready to wear his mask... but something must be done about his look. His opinions are a "little different " from his father's, the old "Zorro".

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