Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Aldo Cecconi

Aldo Cecconi was an Italian actor who appeared in over 50 films from 1961-1976. In Euro-westerns he always played sheriffs, bankers, town officials or ranchers. He sometimes used the alias Jim Clay and Hal Chessman. Also was probably born in the 1920s there is no biographical information on him in any of the books I have on Italian films. He appeared in other genres of Italian films but like so many nothing is available that I can find.  

CECCONI, Aldo (aka Hal Chessman, Jim Clay) [Italian] – film, TV actor.
Duel at the Rio Grande - 1963 (Francesco)
Behind the Mask of Zorro – 1965 (Lieutenant del Sol)
The Colt is My Law – 1965 (sheriff) [as Jim Clay]
The Tramplers – 1965 (Jim Hennessy)
Death at Owell Rock – 1966 (Bernie Nolan)
Dynamite Joe – 1966 (Frank)
$10,000 for a Massacre – 1967 (Scarface)
If You Want to Live... Shoot! - 1968 (Hans Muller) [as Jim Clay]
One More to Hell - 1968
Sapevano solo uccidere - 1968 (Bronco)
Bullet for a Stranger – 1971 (brawler)
Jesse and Lester Two Brothers in a Place Called Trinity – 1972 (bank manager)
The  Return of Halleluja - 1972 (gurd)
Fasthand is Still My Name – 1973 (sheriff)
A Man Called Invincible – 1973 (sheriff of Dallas)
Shanghai Joe – 1973
The Crazy Bunch – 1974 (Stryker brother)
Red Coat – 1975 (Fred)

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