Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Generi

The Generi – Italian title

A 2018 television production [Lotus Productions (Rome)]
Producer: Enrico Venti, Marco Belardi
Director: Maccio Capatonda
Story: Maccio Capatonda
Teleplay: Maccio Capatonda
Cinematography: [color]
Running time: 8 episodes x 30 minutes

Gianfelice Spagnagatti/Dick Macello – Marcello Macchia
Luciana – Antonia Truppo
Sheriff – Marc Fiorini
Bartender – Franco Olivero
Dieci Dita Johnson – Ektor Baboden
Piuma Leggiadra – Nav Ghotra

Story: Gianfelice Spagnagatti is a 40-year-old man who lives his life in which every day seems the same of the others. The only thing he achieved is a kind of comfort zone he can't left. An unhoped-for turning point in his life brings him to live every episode of the series in a different cinematographic world, through the stereotypes of movie genres (western, horror, fantasy, etc).
Episode 1 (Western) Gianfelice is first in the middle of a western village, El Paso , in the role of Dick Macello , the fastest gunslinger in the West in whose hands is placed the last hope of freedom of the whole town.

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