Wednesday, July 18, 2018

50th Anniversary of the premier of Bury Them Deep

It was 50 years ago today that “All’ultimo sangue” (Bury Them Deep) premiered in Rome, Italy. The film tells the story of Captain Norton, ordered by the army to recover money stolen by Billy Gunn and his ruthless bandits. The key to catching them is Billy's brother El Chaleco, who is about to be hanged.

The film was directed by Paolo Moffa under the alias "John Byrd." Filmed at Oasys/Mini Hollywood the site of Leone’s “Per Qualche Dollaro in Più” (For a Few Dollars More). Although the film stars Craig Hill, but the more memorable performance comes from Ken Wood (Giovanni Cianfriglia), the former stunt double for Steve Reeves who later starred in the Super Argo series.

All’ultimo sangue – Italian title
Ate o ultimo sangue – Brazilian title
Jusqu'à la dernière goutte de sang – French title
Goutte de Sang – Dutch title
Den Geiern zum Fraß – German title
Travixe to pistoli sou, xene – Greek title
Owell-Dodsklippan – Swedish title
Do posljednje kapi krvi – Yugoslavian title
To the Last Drop of Blood – English title
Bury Them Deep – UK title

A 1968 Italian film production [Società Ambrosiana Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Oscar Santaniello
Director: John Byrd (Paolo Moffa)
Story: Enzo dell’Aquila (Vincenzo dell’Aquila)
Screenplay: Enzo Dell’Aquila (Vincenzo Dell’Aquila), Paolo Moffa
Cinematography: Franco Villa [Eastmancolor, Cromoscope]
Music: Nico Fidenco (Domenico Colarossi)
Running time: 102 minutes

Story: A gang of outlaws led by Billy Gunn steal a large amount of U.S. Army gold and kill several soldiers in the process. Captain Clive Norton is assigned to track down Gunn and retrieve the stolen gold. Norton wants and needs the help of convicted criminal Chaleco who knows Gunn's habits and tricks. The problem is that the convict is about to be executed. Norton arranges for the scaffold to be blown to bits and the pair escape. The army has closed it's eyes to the rescue to allow the Norton's plan a chance to work. Both men are now on the trail of Norton for different reasons one to retrieve the stolen gold and the other out of hatred for the outlaw. They must come to terms and work with each other if the they are to succeed. Problems arise when they run into a band of Mexican thugs led by Cordero who is also after the gold. Norton also has to put up with Chaleco's pension for pursuing Gunn on his own and leaving Norton behind.

Captain Clive Norton - Craig Hill (Craig Fowler)
Ted ‘El Chaleco’ Hunter - Ettore Manni
Billy Gunn - Ken Wood (Giovanni Cianfriglia)
Consuelo/Pepita - José Greci (Giuseppina Greci)
Cordero - Francesco Santovetti
Sheriff - Alberto Bucchi
Gunn’s lieutenant - Antonio Danesi
Colonel - Luciano Doria
Lieutenant - Ruggero Salvatori (Ruggero Salvadori)
Jim ‘Double Whiskey’ - Giuseppe Sorrentino (Pino Patti)
Cordero’s lieutenant - Silvano Zuddas
Soldier – José Canalejas
Bandit/townsman – Lorenzo Robledo

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