Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Who Are Those Gals? ~ Paloma Cela

Maria Luisa Cela Molinero was born in Madrid, Spain on March 4, 1946 to José Luis Cela Trulock and Paloma Montero Villaverde. She’s better known by her stage name Paloma Cela and is a Spanish actress and model. Paloma has a brother named José Manuel Cela

A woman endowed with an extraordinary beauty in her youth, she began putting it too good use as a model becoming the first Spanish mannequin working with Balenciaga, Crippa, Pedro Rodríguez, Asunción Bastida ... Highlighting as the first model of El Corte Inglés.  She worked in Argentina, Russia, France, Italy and the United States, in fashion contests and in the most prestigious catwalks.  In 1967 she made her film debut with Mariano Ozores in the film “Operación cabaretera”, starring José Luis López Vázquez and Gracita Morales.  During the next ten years, she regularly participated in comic films with directors such as José María Forqué and Rafael Gil .

Parallel to her decline as a model, she began a theatrical career, almost always in the field of comedy, including among his productions, works such as “The Revenge of Petra” (2002), by Carlos Arniches “Anacleto se divorcia” is divorced (2003) ).

The final stage of her career has been more focused on small interventions on television, intervening in the series Villarriba y Villabajo (1994), ¡Ay, Señor, Señor! (1994-1995), with Andrés Pajares, “¡Ala... Dina!” (2000) and “Cruz y” (2002-2004). In recent years, she has been involved in programs of the heart.

In 2015 she went to the Sálvame Deluxe television program to talk about the controversy that took place at the silver wedding of Lydia Lozano, after she was expelled from her wedding.

Paloma Cela married in 1977 with Horacio Suárez Retondo, Argentine model and publicist, being widowed only two years later, in 1979. Since then, she has not known any other important relationship. She is the mother of Paloma Cela, her goddaughter, whom she was finally able to legally adopt, and the grandmother of two grandchildren. Cela suffers from kidney problems and is currently on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant.

CELA, Paloma (María Luisa Cela Molinero) [3/4/1946, Madrid, Madrid, Spain -     ] – model, theater, film, TV actress, married to model and publicist Horacio Suárez Retondo [19??-1979] (1977-1979), adopted mother of Paloma Cela.
Blood and Guns – 1968 (Marieta)
A Town Called Hell - 1971 (Paloma)


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