Thursday, December 7, 2017

50th Anniversary of the Premier of Professionals for a Massacre

“Professionals for a Massacre” premiered in Rome this day in 1967. A light-hearted romp of a Spaghetti western that benefits from three likeable leads and an ending that piles twist upon twist upon twist. Martin, Hilton and Byrnes had all played lead roles in other Spaghetti westerns.
George Martin’s Ramirez is the expert tracker of the bunch, using the mooing of a cow and the dung from horses to help track down Maj. Lloyd. Despite his religious past, Hilton’s character loves to blow things up, and finds all sorts of imaginative ways to do so. Byrnes is the more than capable gunman who just wants to get his hands on the cache.

Professionisti per un massacre – Italian title
Los profesionales de la muerte – Spanish title
Rojo de la sangre y el Amarillo del oro – Spanish title
Professionnels pour un massacre – French title
Ein Stoßgebet für drei Kanonen – German title
Stoßgebet für drei Kanonen – German title
Kokkino aima... kitrino hrysafi – Greek title
Poly aima gia poly hrysafi – Greek title
Os profissionais para um massacre – Portuguese title
3 vilda desperados – Swedish title
Mexicos heta guld – Swedish title
Red Blood Yellow Gold – English title
Professionals for a Massacre – English title

A 1967 Italian, Spanish co-production [Colt Produzioni Cinematografiche Medusa (Rome), 
Balcázar Producciones Cinematográficas (Barcelona)]
Producer: Alfonso Balcázar
Director: Nando Cicero (Fernando Cicero)
Story: Jaime Jesus Balcázar, José Antonio de la Loma, Enzo Dell’Aquila (Vincenzo Dell’
Aquila), Roberto Gianviti
Screenplay: Jaime Jesus Balcázar, José Antonio de la Loma, Enzo Dell’Aquila (Vincenzo
Dell’Aquila), Roberto Gianviti
Cinematography: Francisco Marín [Technicolor, Cromoscope]
Music: Carlo Pes (Carlos Pes)
Running time: 92 minutes
Story: The adjutant Lloyd of the Confederate Army, has stolen gold with which General Sibley had hoped to buy weapons and ammunition. He flees with his men to the Mexican border. Three soldiers - Chattanooga Jim, Tim Dooley and Fidel Ramirez who have been sentenced to be shot can save their lives as long as they are able to catch Lloyd and recover the gold. Following Lloyd they cannot not catch him to and capture the gold due to the arrival of a band of fierce Mexicans, led by El Primero. The precious cargo falls into the hands of Mexican, but Chattanooga, the others, and Lloyd, who they have convinced to be their ally, end up having the better of El Primero and his men. Lloyd dies in the shootout. The three are reunited with General Sibley, who give them a gift to each of a horse, and setting them free. The next day, he goes with the gold, to a meeting with some Mexicans, who will give him in exchange a load of weapons. Chattanooga, and Fidel and Tim, though, steal the wagon and run away singing.

Tim Dooley/Steel Downey/Frank the Preacher – George Hilton (Jorge Acosta y Lara)
Fidel Ramirez – George Martin (Francisco Celeiro)
Chattanooga Jim – Edd Byrnes (Edward Breitenberger)
El Primero – José Bodalo (José Zuffoli)
Annie/’Chica’ – Monica Randall (Aurora Sarasa)
Major Lloyd – Gerard Herter (Gerhard Herter)
Lieutenant ‘Tennessee’ Logan/Captain Richardson – Milo Quesada (Raúl Alonso)
Senora Luisa – Stella Monaldi (Gisella Monaldi)
Pedro – Claudia Trionfi
Union Lieutenant – Bruno Ukmar
Lloyd henchman – Pietro Torrisi
Mexican bandit – Osiride Pevarello
Confederate General - Carlo Gentili (Carlo Del Carrasco)

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