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Wanted - Italian title
Un sheriff a abattre - French title
Le recherche - French title
Für drei lumpige Dollar - German title
O perseguido - Portuguese title
Wanted... no soy un asesino - Spanish title
Wanted - desperados för dollar - Swedish title
Wanted - English title
A 1967 Italian production [Documento Film (Rome)]
Producer: Gianni Hecht Lucari
Director: Calvin J. Padget (Giorgio Ferroni)
Story: Massimiliano Capriccioli, Augusto Finocchi
Screenplay: Remigio Del Grosso, Fernando Di Leo, Augusto Finocchi
Cinematography: Toni Secchi (Antonio Secchi) [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]
Music: Gianni Ferrio
Song: “When You Are Wanted” sung by I Cantori Moderni
Running time: 107 minutes
Gary Ryan - Giuliano Gemma
Evelyn Baker - Teresa Gimpera
Frank Lloyd - Serge Marquand
Martin Heywood - German Cobos
Gold - Daniele Vargas (Daniele Pitani)
Cheryl - Gia Sandri
Padre Carmelo - Nello Pazzafini (Giovanni Pazzafini)
Ellis - Tullio Altamura
Cuzack - Franco Balducci
Judge Anderson - Carlo Hinterman
Old Indian farmer - Carlo Pisacane
Indian villager – Albercia Donadeo
Concho Diaz - Umberto Raho
Diaz henchmen - Simón Arriaga, Piero Capanna (Pietro Capanna),
William ‘Billy’ Baker - Benito Stefanelli
Collins - Pietro Tordi
Lloyd henchmen - Riccardo Pizzuti, Luigi Ciavarro, Fino Marturano, Lucio De Santis
Jeremiah Prescott – Furio Menicone
Julie Prescott – Rosella Orr
Saloon patrons – Osiride Pevarello, Renzo Pevarello
Poker player – Andrea Fantasia
Gold transport guard - Ivan Scratuglia
Barman – Fortunato Arena
With: Marco Bogliani, Nino Vingelli
Stunts: Alberto Dell’Acqua

Gary Ryan is appointed the sheriff of a small town where there is reason to suspect that some shady individual operates in the shadows at the expense of the peaceful community. Ryan is attacked during his trip. Arrived in town he takes possession of his office, but before he can get settled he falls victim to a plot and is accused of killing an unarmed man. Despite the confidence of the District Judge, Ryan is forced to flee, now with a $5,000 reward on his head. He intends to find proof of his innocence an find the guilty men Frank Lloyd the aspiring sheriff, and Gold, the corrupt mayor of the city. Despite the difficulties from being an outlaw, Ryan manages, with the help of Father Carmelo and Evelyn, to discover the system devised by the two thugs and their gang to steal the cattle of others with impunity. It is a branding iron with which all the marks of the owners of the area are changed in order to cover the thefts. But once again, Lloyd seems to have the best and David Ryan has to kill them one by one before presenting the evidence to prove his innocence and find the love of Evelyn.
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