Wednesday, September 17, 2014

RIP Lee Maddux

Lee Maddux, a television writer who did stints as executive story consultant for the NBC sitcom “Night Court” and the CBS spy dramedy “Scarecrow and Mrs. King,” died on September 9. He was 68. Maddux served as executive story consultant on “Scarecrow” for 31 episodes from 1985-87 (also writing seven episodes) and for “Night Court” for 22 episodes in 1991-92. He was credited as co-producer on 13 episodes of “In the Heat of the Night” and penned three episodes.
In 1999 he penned “The Coronation,” a German-language short that spoofed film noir. In 2002, still working in German, he penned a series, the animated Euro-Western spoof “WinneToons”; it was followed by (still German) the short “**** Me? **** You!,” and then a feature version of “WinneToons,” “WinneToons – Die Legende vom Schatz im Silbersee,” which he co-wrote.

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