Friday, September 19, 2014

RIP Avraham Heffner

Israeli film, television director, screenwriter and actor  Avraham Heffner died Friday September 19th in Tel Aviv. He was 79.
Heffner's first feature-length film, "But Where Is Daniel Wax?" (1972), is considered one of the greatest Israeli films ever made. It tells the story of an Israeli singer living in the U.S., who returns home for a class reunion and embarks on a search for a missing classmate. Heffner's other films included "Aunt Clara" (1977), "Parashat Winchell" (1979) and "Laura Adler's Last Love Affair"(1990). Throughout his career Heffner also wrote two books on cinema and several works of fiction.
In 2004, Heffner was awarded the Ophir Award for lifetime achievements.
Avraham had a small role in the Euro-TV film Carlos (1971).

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