Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy 75th Birthday Enzo Peri

Enzo Peri was born on September 11, 1939 in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Peri has a degree in Philosophy (with specialization in Philosophy of Art, at the Gregorian University in Rome) and a degree in Law (with specialization in International Law at the University of Palermo).
He was awarded the prestigious "Fulbright Scholarship", EP has studied for three years at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) - Subjects: Communication Arts and Performing Arts (journalism, theater, cinema, television). These studies were crowned by the director of the film "Little Lord" (feature length film) funded by UCLA.
The "Fullbright Scholarship" was won on the basis of a brief but intense experience in journalism, as a correspondent in Geneva, Paris and London for various Italian newspapers such as "The Nation", "Il Resto del Carlino" etc.., And then continued to the "Film Quarterly" of Los Angeles and the "Los Angeles Times".
First, Enzo had been for a year an assistant in international law at the University of Palermo and then special envoy to the United Nations in Geneva.
After completing his education culture in Europe and the United States, Peri had an interesting experience as assistant to the great director Mauro Bolognini, during the preparation and the shooting of the film "Augustine" (1962), based on the novel by Alberto Moravia.
EP then continued his film work in Rome, first as a writer for the "Champion Film" by Carlo Ponti and then as a writer and director with Dino De Laurentiis.
His only Euro-western was “Death Walks in Laredo” (1966) which he wrote and directed.
Today we celebrate Enzo Peri’s 75th birthday.

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