Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Almeria Film Festival Film Screenings

Almería International Western Film will have tributes to Giuliano Gemma and Leone
This festival is celebrated on September 11, 12 and 13 at the Apollo Theater Admission to the film screenings will be totally free
El Almeria
D. Martínez
The Alemria Western International Film Festival will be held on September 11, 12 and 13 at the Apollo Theater in Almería where a tribute to Giuliano Gemma, the actor who filmed several movies in Almería and died last year in a car accident and also Sergio Leone, the Italian director who directed the Dollar Trilogy with Clint Eastwood in Almeria in the mid-1960s.
Major international premieres of some westerns, many shot in Almería, will have the presence of important actors, directors, and national and international producers, a perfectly qualified jury in this business and some surprises.
One of the main objectives for which four years ago was born the genuine Festival apart from celebrating and promoting the western film, was to help recover the cinema industry of Almeria and put the name of this province back on the world map.
On Thursday, September 11 at 12p.m. is projected American short film “The Gunfighter by Eric Kissack. Next will be the “Forajidos de la Patagonia” a movie by director Damien Leibovich. In the afternoon will be screened “Dead in Tombstone” by filmmaker Roel Reine and then “Exit Humanity” by the Canadian John Geddes.
On Friday morning at 12 o'clock is projected the short film “San La Muerte” by Adrian Šperky and then the American film “The Retrieval” by Chris Eska. In the afternoon the film “The Virginian” by Thomas Makowski and then the Spanish film “La Flor de Lis”, whose shooting was filmed in various places in Almeria will be projected. It is directed by Joaquín Ortega.
On Saturday, September 13 at the Apollo Theatre at 12 noon the Spanish short “Once Upon a Time on the Border” will be screened in the Border of Álvaro Hernández Blanco and then continue “Prey For Death” by Rene Perez. In the afternoon the short “Shadow (Death Comes at Dawn)” by José Enrique Martinez Moya will be screened. “Six Bullets to Hell” directed by Tanner Beard and Russell Cummings will be shown.
The jury of the Festival is comprised of leading personalities from the world of cinema. Rafael Romero Marchent, is a renowned Spanish director and screenwriter who pioneered the first spaghetti westerns with big titles under his belt as a gunman “Ocasa de un pistolero”, “¿Quién grita venganza?” and “Garringo”. He also directed classic television series as ‘Curro Jimenez’ and ‘Cañas y barro’.
Enrique Escudero Vera is a well-known professional in the film industry and has worked as a supporting actor and in twenty feature films, more than forty television series and fifty theater shows. They highlight their work in the 1990s in such series as ‘Los ladrones van a la oficina’, ‘Manos a la obra’, ‘Calle nueva y Farmacia de Guardia’.
Another member of the jury is Mischa Müller-Thyssen, a great in the professional film industry who has worked as an assistant director with the likes of Mario Camus, Luis G. Berlanga, Antonio J. Betancor, Paul Verhoeven, Fernando Colomo, among other . He has also taught workshops on Introduction to Theater Almería, La Laguna, El Paso, Fuerteventura and Las Palmas.
Finally, the fourth member of the jury is the Almerian Jorge Nunez. Actor, teacher and founder of the school of actors Study Group 9 Film and Television, which opened in 1998 in Madrid and in 2000 in Almería and who have taught some of the best players in the province in recent generations. Jorge Nuñez presenter previously performed work this year and shares a chair at the prestigious jury.
It is presumed that this year's Festival in the capital will be well-attended since admission is free.

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