Friday, September 19, 2014

The Wandering Beast

La bête errante – French title
The Wandering Beast – English title
A 1931 French production [Pathé-Natan (Paris)]
Producer: ?
Director: Marco de Gastyne (Marco Benoist)
Story: Louis-Frederic Rouquette
Screenplay: Marco de Gastyne (Marco Benoist)
Cinematography: Georges Asselin Brun [black & white]
Music: Fred Barlow
Running time: 84 minutes
Gregory – Gabriel Gabrio (Edouard Lelievre)
Hurricane – Maurice Maillot
Villi Kins – Os-Ko-Mon
Flossie – Choura Milena (Ludmilla Barache)
Daisy/Dolly Moore – Jacqueline Torrent
With: Emile Denois, Andrews Engelmann (Andre Engelmann), Alberte Gallé, Teddy Michaud (Eugène Michaud), Germaine Michel
In Alaska, a young man named Hurricane goes looking for gold for his fiancée. When he returns to her, he finds she did not wait for him and has married another man. He returns to the mountains and to the sweet Flossie he knew in a saloon and is able to appreciate her true love.
In the living room where the gold diggers waiting, having fun, the end of the snowstorm, a stranger burst. This man stands adventurers in manners and language. It does not take long for they seek a quarrel. But the unknown response with such energy that gross tamed, and saluted the cheering of the name that will now be his: "Hurricane" which means storm. The bells of a sleigh. Everyone rushes to the front of Gregory postman who delivers his mail. Hurricane has his letter tucked it in his pocket without reading it and when Gregory is preparing to head back to the north, he asked her a place in his sleigh. During this trip a strong friendship develops between the two men. Concession he bought Hurricane bored after leaving the postman, despite the dedication of its domestic Indian friend Billi Kias and affection of Flossie, the little Russian prostitute he saved during a brawl .A huge nostalgia and reminds back, to resist, when Gregory returned without bringing him letters, he sinks in the North with his friend, and taking Flossie prayers which he could not resist. The dog team carries them at night but snow squalls cause them to lose track and wandering here in "the great white silence." Their mutual affection is powerless against the storm and they sleep a night dan snow without hope of ever meet. Resigned to death the two young men to confess to each other with Grégory confidant. Flossie confesses his love in Hurricane and it reveals that he went to conquer fortune to get the hand of a rich fiancée, Daisy, which leaves no news and is probably tired of waiting his return? the shroud of snow thickens on the agony of three misplaced. But they will be miraculously saved by trappers whose approach was reported by dogs. Much better, Gregory discovered in a fold of her bag the letter qu'Hurricane despaired of receiving. Unfortunately this letter that it does not show the content of his companions suddenly the young man decides to give up everything to return to the south. Before leaving his two friends who escorted him to the first town, he spent with them last night in a movie theater. And suddenly recognizes Hurricane on the screen, playing a languid scene, his own bride in the spotlight of the film. Seized by a sudden madness, he took his gun and shoots the image. A fight ensues and leads outside Hurricane Flossie injured. Cared for by it he returned soon after touching separation, leaving his concession to his tender nurse. His happiness is there, far away, near Daisy ... Flossie looks from. A huge tear grinds her little heart. She also thinks happiness, infinite sweetness of love, to be loved? Sadly, it goes back to the North, to the cold, to the deserts of desolation. She will be more alone than ever, alone with the tender and bruised both remember, the one that just passed away sadly, that will not come back, perhaps?

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